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We Supply Manpower for Construction Industries

Empower your construction projects with our reliable and skilled manpower solutions, providing Singapore’s construction industries with the workforce they need to excel.

Our Available Workers

  • \Steel Enforcement worker (Rebar)
  • \Formwork and Concrete worker
  • \Skilled Welder (3G, 4G & 6G)
  • \Carpenter
  • \Electrician and Electrician Helper
  • \Fitter (Structural)
  • \Sprinkler Pipe Fitter and Pipe Helper
  • \Painter
  • \Lifting Supervisor
  • \Safety Coordinator
  • \Site Supervisor
  • \Excavator Operator
  • \Scaffolding Supervisor
  • \Precast Worker
  • \HVAC Technician/Aircon Ducting Worker
  • \Pipe Fitter
  • \General Worker
  • \Scissor Lift Operator
  • \Boom Lift Operator
  • \Forklift Operator
  • \Safety Supervisor
  • \Scaffolding Erector
  • \Civil Supervisor
  • \Worker with Computer Literacy
  • \Worker with piping Experience

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Empower your construction projects with our premier manpower solutions, providing skilled and reliable workers to the construction industries in Singapore.

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1. Steel Enforcement worker (Rebar)

Skilled workers who are specializes in the placement, installation, and fixing of rebar in concrete structures to increase the tensile strength of the structure preventing cracking and structural failure. Determine the required shape, size, and placement of the rebar within the concrete structure. At the same time, adhering to safety regulations.

2. Formwork and Concrete worker

Specialized in working with concrete involved in formwork preparation (constructing temporary moulds or frameworks to hold concrete), concrete mixing and pouring the concrete into formwork ensuring proper placement and distribution, finishing, leveling etc. accordance with the safety and quality assurance standards.

3. Skilled Welder (3G, 4G & 6G)

Expertise in various welding techniques such as

  • 3G (Vertical up) welding position:

Performed welding in the vertical up position. Ability to read and interpret welding blueprints, drawings, and specifications. Conducting quality inspections of welded joints and making necessary repairs or adjustments.

  • 4G (Overhead & Vertical up) welding position:

Performing duties for 3G welding. Expertise in welding the overhead position which requires additional skills and control. Adhering to strict quality standards. Ensuring the integrity and strength of the welded joints.

  • 6G (Pipe welding in various positions, typically fixed 45-degree angle):

Performing duties for 3G & 4G welding. Specializing in welding pipe joints in various positions. Working with different pipe materials, thicknesses and diameters. Adhering to safety practices in pipe welding operations.

4. Skilled Carpenter

Expertise in cutting, shaping and installation of building materials according to specifications. Erecting scaffolding and ladders for assembling structures.

5. Electrician and Electrician Helper

Specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in projects. Proficient in running electrical wiring through walls, ceilings and floors ensuring the safe distribution of electrical power. Knowledgeable about electrical codes and regulations by national and local authorities and safety practices.

6. Fitter (Structural)

Installing steel and other materials that make a building frame. Liaise and coordinate with contractors and engineers ensuring all pieces fit and align accordingly by determining the size and shape of the beams and other structural components. Ability to read blueprints and understand structural engineering principles.

7. Sprinkler Pipe Fitter and Pipe Helper

Responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing sprinkler systems in buildings to protect against fire. Work involving the installation of pipes, valves, fittings and sprinkler heads compliance with fire and safety codes and regulations.

8. Painter

Specialized in painting surfaces in construction projects. Responsible for applying paint, coatings and finishes using various techniques (such as color matching and mixing, surface preparation) to ensure proper coverage, color consistency and adherence to project specifications.  

9. Precast Worker

Expertise in the production of precast concrete elements working with molds or formworks to cast concrete into specific shapes and sizes and adhere to design plans and specifications. They are also involved in preparing formwork, placing reinforcing steel, pouring concrete and ensuring proper curing of the elements.

10. HVAC Technician/Air Con Ducting worker

Specializes in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning ductwork systems. Expertise for distributing conditioned air throughout buildings, ensuring proper ventilation and maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures.

11. Pipe Fitter

Expertise in the installation, assembly and maintenance of piping systems ensuring the proper flow of liquids, gases, and other substances within a construction project. Knowledgeable of the layout and requirements of the piping system according to the project plans and specifications.

12. General Worker

Versatile worker performing a wide range of tasks and assisting with physical aspects on site (in accordance with safety compliance) such as site preparation (clearing debris, leveling ground etc.), handling and transporting materials, housekeeping and assisting with basic maintenance, assisting other skilled trades workers.

13. Scissor Lift Operator

Expertise and certification in operating and maneuvering scissor lifts (an elevated work platform used to provide temporary access to elevated areas) safely following the manufacturer’s instructions and industry best practices for the scissor lift operation. Conducting thorough inspection, adhering to load capacity limits and must ensure the stability lift while operating.

14. Boom Lift Operator

Operating a boom allows safer access to high and hard-to-reach areas for projects like piping work, painting ceilings and building maintenance, etc. Understand the use of the lift and be able to Operators must prioritize safety to prevent accidents and injuries. Detail-oriented to ensure equipment is in good condition and safety protocol is adhered to.

15. Forklift Operator

Loading and unloading materials from vehicles. Moving pallet-packed materials around the site or storage facility safely. Performing equipment checks and maintenance. Adhering to health and safety regulations.

16. Safety Supervisor

Conducting regular inspections on site to identify hazards, and unsafe practices that are not compliant with the safety regulations. Ensuring the safety procedures and guidelines are implemented. Expertise in assessing the potential risk on site and investigating accidents that occur on-site to determine the cause and prevention.

17. Safety Coordinator

Responsible for ensuring the safety of construction sites and workers. Developing and implementing safety protocols, policies, and procedures to minimize the risk of accidents, injuries and illnesses in construction projects.

18. Site Supervisor

Also known as Site Foreman or Superintendent oversees the day-to-day operations and activities on site. Expertise in coordinating and managing the construction process ensuring the project is completed efficiently, safely and within the specific timeframe.

19. Lifting Supervisor

Ensuring that all lifting operations are carried out in accordance with safety standards and regulations. Oversees, plans, and organizes the lifting operations. Assessing the site, identifying potential hazards, and implementing measures. Conduct risk assessments and take immediate action to prevent injuries and accidents.

20. Excavator Operator

Expertise and certification in operating the excavator safely and efficiently in compliance with safety procedures. Material handling, pick up and transport of materials within the construction site. Conducting site preparation such as clearing and levelling the ground and removing obstacles for construction activities.

21. Scaffolding Supervisor

Oversees and manages the installation, maintenance and dismantling of scaffolding structures on site. Lead the team of scaffolders, assign tasks and monitor progress. Responsibility to ensure the safety, stability, and compliance of scaffolding systems to support workers and facilitate construction activities.

22. Scaffolding Erector

Specializes in the assembly, installation and dismantling of scaffolding structures (safety compliance) on site. Expertise for constructing safe and stable scaffolds that provide access and support for workers during construction, maintenance, or repair.

23. Civil Supervisor

Oversees and manages the on-site operations of civil engineering projects. Ensuring the projects are completed according to design plans, specifications, safety standards and within schedule timeframe. Keeping track of project progress and prepare reports to update the project managers. At the same time, responsible for resolving issues that may arise on-site.

24. Worker with Computer Literacy

Helping individuals develop basic computer skills ad improve their digital literacy. Providing guidance and instruction on using computers, software applications and digital tools effectively. Assisting in troubleshooting common computer issues and perform basic maintenance tasks to keep computers running smoothly.

25. Worker with Piping Experience

Expertise in working with various types of pipes and piping systems in construction or industrial setting. Responsible for pipe installation, pipe fabrication, pipe fitting and connection, maintenance and repair, piping system testing and proficient in reading and interpreting construction plans, blueprints and piping diagrams.

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