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We Provide  GTAW (TIG)  Welding Course in Singapore

We Provide 3G, 4G & 6G courses in GTAW (TIG) welding process in singapore

Course Title: GTAW (TIG) Welding process Welding possession 3G-GTAW, 4G-GTAW & 6G-GTAW

GTAW also called as TIG welding, is an arc welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld.

Course Objective:

Teach how to join sheet metal and rebuild metal using the TIG welding process. Also, teach to identify the common welding defects and how to avoid them.

For Whom:

– For Welders who need to perform TIG welding.
– People who are working in the aerospace industry.

Course Content:

• Explain the safety precautions and procedures to be observed when performing welding in a hangar and aircraft maintenance workshop,
• Explain the hazards associated with TIG welding Perform TIG welding on metal plates,
• Explain the types of equipment used in TIG welding,
• Describe the types of welding electrodes and shielding gas used in TIG welding,
• Explain the difficulties of welding in flat, horizontal and vertical positions and the methods to overcome them,
• Outline the limitation of TIG welding,
• Identify welding defects and methods to avoid them,
• Rebuild metal on the plate.

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