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we provide welding & coretrade training

We provide high quality and affordable Welding Courses & Coretrade Training for Marine and Construction Workers in Singapore.

we provide construction engineering services

We have a highly qualified engineers & workers team to provide various Construction Engineering Services for Commercial, Industrial & Residential properties in Singapore.

Coretrade Training (Electrical & Structural Steel Fitting), Welding Training, SMAW (3G/4G/6G), GTAW 6G, FCAW 3G, GMAW 3G (Aluminium). For Enquiry call us to 8552 7505 or 9086 7037 now!

Welcome to montfort technologies

We are a leading company in Singapore to provide all kinds of Welding Courses & Coretrade Training to workers from various industries. Besides this, we also provide Construction Engineering Services to commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Experienced Professionals

Our construction professionals are always ready to do the work and complete the project in time

Comply with standard

We are an ISO 9001, ISO 45001 & bizSAFE STAR certified company and comply all our work procedures according to standard

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our job isn’t done until you are completely satisfied.

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welding courses

We offer various welding training to upskill or reskill to keep pace in today’s competitive industrial career

SMAW (3G/4G/6G)


Arc Welding Course

3G/4G/6G Courses

SMAW (ARC) Welding Course

Welding possession 3G-SMAW, 4G-SMAW, 6G-SMAW

FCAW (3G/4G)


MIG Welding Course

3G & 4G Courses

FCAW (MIG) Welding Course

Welding possession 3G-FCAW, 4G-FCAW

GTAW (3G/4G/6G)


TIG Welding Course

3G/4G/6G Courses

TIG Welding Course

Welding possession 3G-GTAW, 4G-GTAW, 6G-GTAW



ARC & TIG Welding Course

6G Course

ARC & TIG Welding Course

Welding possession 6G-GTAW / SMAW

coretrade trainings

We provide CoreTrade training to upgrade your skill from basic to skilled worker

Electrical Wiring

Precast Concrete Component Erection Training

Structural Steel Fitting

Coretrade in Painting Training in Singapore


Coretrade in Precast Concrete Component Erection Training in Singapore

Precast Concrete Erection


Since the beginning, we’ve been working at our best to earn a reputation for professional services, work ethic and on-time support. Please check out some of our customer testimonials below.

I selected this engineering company because of good recommendations I’ve heard from my colleagues. Working with their team was a pleasure. High-quality services at a reliable price!

Mr. Wong

While I was searching for a contractor for our steelwork, I found Montfort and we gave that job to them. They completed the job in time with quality service and we’re very pleased with the experience and I highly recommend them. Thanks!

Abdul Hameed

I joined their coretrade course for the “Electrical Wiring & Installation” trade and on the first attempt I passed out in the exam. Training with their team was a pleasure. Their course fees is affordable and I highly recommend!



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No.3 Soon Lee Street,

#01-14 Pioneer Junction,

Singapore – 627606


+65 6694 4020 / 6264 8438


+65 8552 7505 / 9086 7037